Project planning

Ambitious projects

If the implementation of your projects faces the following hurdles :

  • No standard solution available on the market
  • The resulting rejection due to high cost estimates
  • Lack of decision-making principles influence the determination

Then we offer

  • Solutions using standard hardware with high-tech software and thus manageable project costs
  • Versatile project experience from ski jumping sport up to construction measurement technology
  • Production of prototypes and demonstration objects to illustrate

Efficiency and economy

On the basis of our previous projects, we prove:

  • Implementation with the help of affordable hardware and software components
  • Benefits for our customers
  • Competence in realizing exceptional project requirements
  • Solid decision-making basis for successful projects


  • Exploring the performance limits of pc , pda and microprocessors
  • Economic thinking and acting in the sense of small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Investment and intensive development activity for adapting new technologies
  • Complete system development from a single source